Help- roofers scared to deal with AllState


I don’t see any way to pull them together. I have 2 sometimes 3 adjuster meetings a week and between that calling in new ones and installs there’s little time to chase Allstate.


Avoiding filing claims where Allstate is the insurer plays right into their plans. I could care less who the carrier is. If the roof has damage, it should get approved. Don’t let them off the hook ever.


We had some bad storms here in GA two weeks ago I’ve ran 7 Allstate claims and have all been awarded 1 replacement and the rest are repairs. Allstate will repair before anything else.


I feel sorry for the homeowner first of all if they have roof damage from storm wind hail its is covered peril . Its a direct physical loss you should not be doing repairs full replacements would you paint a little part of ceiling if it got damage or the whole ceiling you would paint the whole ceiling its continuousness same with the roof part of the homeowners policy which is state and federal law say you must bring the house to its pre existing condition before the loss occurred was it patched no it was whole and that’s what you want


I totally agree with you James.
I just got tired of meeting the Allstate adjusters to get a claim approved only to find its patching individual shingles.
Admittedly, I just tell folks right up front that Allstate probably won’t replace the roof. While every house on the street is being replaced.
I still look at it if they request and give them my findings.


They should be calling someone who properly knows how to handle insurance claims then. And if you don’t know how to deal with Allstate, you should be referring them to somebody that does.


I suggest you go to the Allstate claims.
I will continue with what I’m doing .
Go ahead and start a division of your philanthropic corporation to salvage these roofs.
And you are welcome to have them, I will send them your way.
I am here to get work and install properly and offer warranty.


Me too. We get dozens of Allstate claims paid each year. It’s not that difficult if you know what you’re doing.


I don’t know how to sway them.
I’ve had Allstate adjusters turn down dime size granular displacement 10 hits per square.
Till finally I just stopped doing them.


I had two more Allstate claims yesterday both decided. The second they spent 6 hours at the house because the ladder assist was marking tones of wind and hail but he passed BT. The adjuster offered $650 for a repair. I’ll be calling for re-inspects all on Allstate properties until they start approving. Also if a ladder assist shows up and the adjuster won’t get on the roof video them. I’ve had it workout when I’ve told the adjuster I videos bt and were the assist missed marking damaging and they’ve bought the roof.