Help - know any good roofers in Long Branch New Jersey?


Looking for roofing contractors in Long Branch New Jersey. I have contacted quite a few roofing companies. Need to replace very old slate roof for a Victorian house. So far the quotes are ridiculously high ($45000 for 42 squares with GAF slateline, new plywood but no gutters and no fascia - I will replace those later next year). After reading this site and more soul searching, I just love Certainteed Grand Manor. I am afraid their quotes will now jump to over $50,000. Is this the going rate? Can anyone recommend a good reliable roofer with more reasonable prices? Thanks.


I really recommend you contact some companies from this list and get some opinions.

Slate roofs are (arguably with some of the specialty metal roofs) the best roofs in existence. Many types of slate can last hundreds (yes plural) of years with a bit of maintenance hear and there (replace flashing when the wear out and broken slates). Problem is that most roofers don’t have the skills so they just wanna tear them off and replace them with (far inferior) asphalt shingles. Once you go the asphalt route you are then committed to having to replace your roof every 20-30 years (despite the “lifetime” shingle b.s.). Its entirely possible that with a bit of maintenance from a good slater (at much cheaper cost than replacing) your old slate will outlast a brand new asphalt shingle roof.


It is defiantly worth exploring other shingle options. Grand manor is in my opinion the best asphalt shingle avalible, at least in my region. Certainteed recently came out with the Belmont which has the same look as the grand manor but at a lower weight and price point. Gaf slateline is a pretty low and shingle, basically a 3 tab shingle but in a different shape. Just had to replace a slateline job we did about 15 years ago from a tree hit and was not at all impressed with how the shingles held up.

The fascia should be replaced with, or before the roof, of you plan on replacing it. You don’t want to be tearing out fascia after the new roof metal edge is installed over it.


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Thank you IslanRoofing. Great advice. Apparently, I can repair my slate roof after all (contacted some roofers from your list). I was told by GAF recommended roofers that my damaged slate roof could not be repaired. What a big lie.


Thanks MPA. Yes Certainteed Grand Manor would be my Asphalt Shingle roof choice if I am unable to fix my slate roof.


GAF Timberline salesman almost gotcha!


Awesome, happy to hear that a great roof will be saved from an unnecessary death.