Help Identify the Shingle Manufacturer



I need to replace my gambrel roof (only on front) and i dont want install the same shingle. Might be over 15 years old. i only lived here 10 years and some shingles have come loose. Most contractors dont have any idea and one says is Owens corning. Would you be able to pin point the brand ?




Sorry, I can’t tell you the brand. However I can tell you that it was an instillation error which is causing your shingles to fall off. They were high nailed (common problem) and any brand (of that style of shingles) would have had the same issue. The steeper the roof the more problematic high nailing becomes.


You see if there is a “release tape” on the back. It may state the manufacturer. It looks like a certainteed landmark or a GAF timberline


Send a sample to ITEL to determine brand style color or if it’s still made.


The color pattern looks like TAMKO or Owens Corning.


Does anyone the thickness or which is thicker from: GAF Timberland, Certainteed Landmark and OC Duration?

Also, can someone confirm this statement:

Certainteed warranty will even pay for fallen granules unlike GAF or OC they wait until house damage or leakage happens? i think this contractor statement was rubbish. I called GAF and that will fall under manufacturer warranty


At this time the thickest of those 3 is the Landmark.



Is it okay to put Landmark shingles on the gambrel roof? i know most prefer the Grand manor , is it because of aesthetics, or performance? i cant afford that. I just want to keep the same style all around.

I want to replace the cedar shakers on dormers. One contractor doesnt use vinyl on the dormers because eventually leakage damage. He has seen many defects. He prefers wood. What are your thoughts?

For the siding, i am leaning tores american legend certainteed or plyGem Mastic?

appreciate your help. thanks


There is no reason you can’t use a Landmark on a Gambrel roof.


I have asbestos siding. We plan to put vinyl siding + foam on top… It is a common practice and helps with insulation… But will it hurt selling the house eventually?


Covering the asbestos won’t affect selling your home. If you don’t do it the next owners will.
Properly installed vinyl siding won’t leak. Siding doesn’t keep the water out, flashings and underlayment do. Vinyl siding is actually one of the better watershedding designs.

No reason not to use landmarks on your gambrel walls, make sure they are 6 nailed on the double thickness. I believe they want you to hand seal each tab as well, but confirm with the manufacturer. I have never hand sealed a mansard and with proper nailing no problems.


Above a 16/12, shingles must be individually sealed at the bottom. Make sure to do that and 6-nail. The OC Duration shingle is great for this application because of the nail strip. I’m a big CT fan but have had favorable experience with the Duration.

Looks like an old CT or Tamko shingle to me. Tabs are not random enough for OC or symmetrical enough for GAF or Elk. Just my opinion though!



Is this called out on the spec. I am afraid he won’t listen unless I show proof. I like the color depth of the CT landmark


I’m sorry… I’m wrong. After further research, the number is 21/12 slope or a 60 degree slope for hand sealing. I think 16/12 was just where my company started to hand seal everything. If you Google hand seal shingles on steep roof, plenty of resources and tech bulletins come up.

Sorry for the misinformation.