Gutters replace or keep


I have 6" gutters around my house instead of 5". I read 5" is good enough but at that time i wanted to divert water out. I read that gutters can last up to 30 years. Well my contractor wants to replace. He sees a dent in the gutter on the back. The front looks dirty because I used a crappy made leaf guard. But aside from asthetics they look perfectly fine nothing than a clean spray can fix. Please advice and yes he is charging hefty

In addition, my bathroom exhaust fan vents into the attic though i been told, it should vent into the roof. We barely used it… Whats your position on this?


Here is the front


Its upto you about the gutters,they look perfectly fine to me,other than being dirty.but you should definitely,vent you exhaust out the roof


Why can I vent thru the soffits ? I have enough area


Because if you Ever install a proper soffit intake vent the air could run right back in would be the number one reason.


I am still wrapping my head around this… There is a higher chance that if i vented into the roof, that leakage will occur. Venting into the attic and causing mold damage is too far fetch and say outrageous… who comes up with this? sorry… unless you leave the exhaust fan all day long…personally, i never used it.


Ask them to look at the wood underneath the vent and take a picture. I’ve run in alot of wood replacement from high use ones.

Roofing around a penetration is not a big deal. How much extra does he want? How much will it be to do it 5 years if you sell your home and an inspector notice it? Not all catch it. We do them for $250 a pop after the fact. More times then not we do them for free while doing your roof. $25-50 depending on duct work is all the materials should be.


Well I guess there is a slight chance of a leak going through the roof, but there is a higher chance of mold/rot going through the soffit. Your choice.


A high quality synthetic underlayment and architect shingles on the steep.
Full Ice and water sheild underlayment and
Three-tab shingles on the low slope.
Gutters look ok if they are draining ok.


The gutters are functional but he is trying to sell you new ones for aesthetics… he is a business man after all. The charge is ‘hefty’… … by your standards or you have compared prices with other gutter resources?

The vent should vent out the roof or the side of the home. Venting into the attic is against most codes. It can cause condensation during winter when it’s cooler outside, steam hits the roof and there you go. Don’t fault the roofer for following best practices, code, etc.

If the roof vent leaks, it should be warrantied. If you get mold, it’s on you.