Got a dead lead from Service magic


I think a mix of local SEO and local PPC is a very powerful strategy. PPC can get you results (calls for estimates) within days. You can increase that number and scale very quickly, too. SEO however, is more of a marathon. It takes more time to build up, but if you decide to lower your budget for any reason (for PPC), SEO can help you continue to get leads.

The problem with depending on either one, but especially SEO, is that if Google/Bing changes their algorithm…you might lose everything overnight. PPC is far more predictable, measurable, and less risky. It’s just more likely to cost more.

Like I said, I think a strategy that uses both is best… diversify your source of leads… as long as you’re not paying for a lead service (ie, the leads you get belong to you, not you and 5 competitors!).


I agree with those above. Signing up for mass leads sites (home advisor, angle’s list, service magic, etc) just don’t have the quality and the competition isn’t worth it.

I would recommend hiring an SEO or PPC firm to generate leads EXCLUSIVELY for your roofing company. They can provide both high quality leads but also less competition! In most cases you definitely make far above your investment. (try to get a company that will guarantee it)

I have some experience in this area if anyone wants to chat more about it I can help get you started. email me and we can set up a time to chat

#43 we work exclusive for 1 company in any area and DO NOT resell any lead our service its close and personal its guaranteed excellent quality