General contractors and others understand what insurers and their "adjusters" are doing to financially rip off the general public


How do major insurers and insurance agents that utilize Xactware’s 360Value software steal money from both policyholders and construction business owners by way of their insurance “adjusters” who utilize Xactware’s Xactimate software?

It’s a pretty simple process.

By 360Value insurers charge policyholders for a prospective general contractor’s business model to replace all components of a structure.

However - By Xactimate insurers “adjusters” pay out loss values by only estimating general contractors Subcontractors repair costs.

When you charge consumers for a higher set of reconstruction costs values and then substitute a lower set of reconstruction costs values to determine loss values - You have to have some cover stories to hide behind to make the transaction appear financially legitimate.

That is where insurers “three trade”, “damage complexity”, and other bogus post-underwriting “rules” come into play.

Insurers invented the bogus construction market “rules” to try to convince the general public that what consumers are pre-paying for is not actually what they are owed for.

It is a pretty slick financial shell game scheme. Being run right under the collective noses of policyholders.

Consumers/Policyholders - Charged for general contractors work production - And are only paid for general contractors subcontractors work production - Are being financially duped by those who invented and promote false construction market “rules”.

General contractors and others understand what insurers and their “adjusters” are doing to financially rip off the general public.

Do you get it?


GOLDEN! Thank you for this, even though I can’t help shaking my head while reading.


fairmarketlaws1 - Well said.

To add on they also hide behind plausible deniability of thier adjusters, and intentionally hire individuals with no prior construction knowledge to write thier estimates.


Xactimate can work in your favor, but only if you account for every little detail required to perform the work. All labor, materials, time, oversight. As you had mentioned Xactimate is designed for subcontractor use without O&P, but as long as you account for all of the additional oversight of a GC as hours or time lost you can get it done. Granted it is a hard argument to have, and it helps to have the homeowner on your side.