Flat roof which is best material new england 8x15


I have an 8x 15flat roof needing to be replaced in new england.
have been given 3 choices :one layer of peel and stick or polyglass or Epdm with just adhesive under it.
It was my understanding that peel and stick must go under another material and not be used by itself. I welcome your advice estimates range from one epdm under 1k by a gutter/roofer to most 1400$ for same or other material. I only need this to last 15yrs.iam a senior .

I desperately need some info and help thanks


Either material should last 15 years if installed properly. The key to flat roofs are details and experience. You want to choose a ROOFER experienced with flat roofing, not a gutter guy or handyman who says they can do it.


EPDM on a smooth deck only. My personal experience with Polyglass resulted in granule loss in the first 2 yrs. It was warranted by them, but I used mulehide.


I use MFM peel and seal for most applications like this, I’ve always had success with the product and it looks good as a finished product with color.