Flat roof turning to goo


I had a small leak in my flat rubberized roof so I stopped at 84 lumber and although they didn’t seem to be sure they had a product they said should work so I applied it. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the product and I emptied the can and threw it out.

A few weeks later the leak was back, so when I looked at the roof where I had patched it seemed to be turning to goo and was very soft and pliable only there. So I went back out and bought the type of roof patch I’ve used in the past that stayed solid and patched over that area. Now that it’s had a couple weeks to cure the leak is back and when I checked that area it’s still soft and pliable where I had used the previous product even though I patched over it. I patched some additional spots with the new product and they seem to be in fine shape it’s only where the old product was that the roof is like goo. I’ve included pictures here, but with the gooeyness and odd color, I think I need to rip off this area and put down a new membrane, thoughts?


Man, from that photo I can’t even tell you what your roof is… it’s either a smooth modified or a chalky looking EPDM. Either way, it was not properly installed (complete lack of detailing at the edges and knee walls). Wish I knew what you ‘patched’ with, then I could reverse diagnose what’s going on… unfortunately we don’t have enough info to help you. Given that it’s now gooey, I’d say a replacement is in your future.

FYI- 84 Lumber is not the place to be buying commercial roofing products. Find an ABC or Allied location.