Flat roof tar still wet after 30+ days


Using Henry’s on a small flat roof. After 30 days it’s still not dry. What did I do wrong?


Using Henrys was the problem


Asphalt plastic cement wasn’t designed to “dry.” Hope you didn’t do the whole roof with that.


Depending on which one you used, it may start to seep into the cracks of the decking and into the attic. Ive seen this stuff drip past skylights into the home.


What is the recommended alternative, please?


All good info – much appreciated! Thanks!


Depending on what you intended to do, and what the issue or problem was, and what the makeup of the existing roof was would dictate what you’re options were and what you should have used / done.

At this point all we know is that a roof now has some flashing cement on it… what was the original roof and what were the problems?

Not much you can do at this point if you smeared cheap flashing cement all over the place…


It’s a flat roof/deck over two bedrooms. It was slate tile with paper and some type of cement underneath. We were hoping to smear this around and put down felt and paper (?) with a ‘decorative top’ of some sort (more tile?)


Could you posts some pics? Having a hard time visualizing your situation.