Flat Roof Bunching



I have a flat roof that has some bunching on it–see photo in link below. How much of a problem is this to fix before it eventually becomes a leak. Is this a whole roof job, or can these bunches be correct by trimming the excess and resealing the new seam, injecting something to hold the bunch down, or something else?




I. Wouldnt strees over it it is 90 lb rolled roofing right? If its lose at the bunch yes lift up do not tear an tar back do. That type of roof will expand and contract with heat and cold the role that the 90-pound came off I could have had a little bit of a flat spot on an didn’t get tared down super good. But that type of roof only last a few years for the most part. Do not put nail through top of it thats is how you make a leak. Lol. Tar drys out plus tar simply is not the same as 20 years ago


Do not attempt to cut the roofing material! This shouldn’t cause you any problems other than the fact that it isn’t aestetically pleasing. Could be the contractor didn’t allow the rolls to relax properly before install or inconsistencies in the application of the asphalt.