Fixing a ponding problem


I have black tar over plywood roof. There was coating applied before a few years ago. There is a ponding problem and a layer of tar is gone. the decking is now exposed. Does anybody have any ideas how to fix it. See pictures

I found in home depot this thing 885 Tropi-Cool 100% Silicone Seam and Repair Roof Sealant. I was reading reviews and somebody suggested to use this first and then on the top to put 2 coats Silicone Roof Coating The same company makes that too. This is their video from youtube If you read reviews in the video, somebody recommends using rubberized emulsion with the membrane.


You need a new roof in that area anything less is a temporary band aid.

Coatings are to extend the life of a roof that is in somewhat decent condition to begin with, they are not a roof in a can.

You need something like PVC, EPDM, Modified bitumen or other membrane type of roofing for low slopes.


Two things about coatings-

-Acrylic coatings (which it looks like you have) are NOT suitable for ponding water whatsoever. Silicone is.

-preparation is KEY for installing any new coating. The roof will have to be cleaned, dried, and primed to receive a new coating if you go that route.

The unfortunate part of installing a new roof section over the trouble spots is the inability to “mate” properly with the coated roof. You will most likely need a new roof unless you re-coat with a Silicone.