Fix close seems


So during the one side I re-roofed I had has some seems get to close.
I kinda know how it happened just did not notice it happening. I did not notice it until I was practical done on the side of the roof.

Well anyways I have three rows in just one section where seems are maybe 3/4 to 2" within each other.

Original I did not have any flat flashing laying around so I just put a bunch of tar around nails heads and the seams.

Will this work and hold or should I go put some flashing under them?

I would rather not since it is about 10 feet up a 14/12 pitch, the singles are sealed now I think, and it might damage the shingles pulling them up for toe hold since its cold.


A metal bib would be the best long term solution. Pop the 2 nails on the seam, Make sure the bibs are 2" taller than the shingle exposure, reinstall the nails, reseal the shingles. Fixing it that way will outlast the shingles.


I was gonna suggest the exact same thing but MPA beat me to it! Perhaps on such a steep roof with the tar on the seams and nails there is a good chance it would never leak but defiantly wouldn’t guarantee it.