Fiberglass roof coating mistake


Hi Guys,

I just re-coated my fiberglass roof with Henry 555 fiber aluminum coat, and have been told that soon enough i will have to replace my roof as i was not suppose to use this product on fiberglass. I just wanted to know if anyone could guide me here as to what steps I would take if any to fix this costly mistake. Maybe wash the roof with some solvent and recoat?



I fail to see why you will have to replace your roof because of the aluminum coating. Post some pics if you want us to evaluate your situation.


Will do first thing in the morning, its pretty dark right now for a clear picture. According to Henrys the solvent in it will eat away the fiberglass


Aluminum coating won’t hurt the fiberglass roof, but you won’t be able to coat with another layor of fiberglass until it is removed. Fiberglass roofs arnt porus and normally while off pretty easily. I would try some mineral spirits on a rag in a small area. It is going to be messy and time consuming. I wouldn’t pour any solvent directly onto the roof, once the asphalt in the coating is dissolved it will run and stain whatever it comes into contact with.


half of our roof which has fiberglass is approx 15x8 ft. I did ask them if I could wash it with some kind of spirit, but they said, quote “Sorry, nothing that we know of will rectify this simply”.


Where did you find the info that it will eat the fiberglass? I don’t see anything about that here.


I agree IslandRoofing. Just very concerned it will cost me more than i have saved up if their Costumer Support is right.


I have done some fiberglass roof and boat repairs, the chemicals you use to clean ECT. Are way nastier than the solvents in aluminum coating. There are not many chemicals that dissolve fiberglass. Once the coating dries the solvents evaporate you are left with asphalt and aluminum.

I would check in the morning with a fiberglass manafacturer. I don’t think info from Henry about it eating the fiberglass is correct. People put aluminum coating on all sorts of materials where it doesn’t belong and only adverse effect I have ever seen are ascetic…whatever they put it on looks like shit.


Thank you guys. Will upload the pics in the morning


Good Morning All!

So the below first half of the roof is the fiberglass, and the other half is not. I coated on fiberglass 5 days back, while the other half was done yesterday. The roof is about 6 years old. Should I have seen some damage by Henrys 555 since its been 5 days?



Fiberglass used on roofs is for the most part the same fiberglass and gel coat used to build boats. Fule and gas tanks ate also built with fiberglass all the time.

Like I said earlier check with a fiberglass manafacturer but I don’t see how alunimum coating would damage it. Only problem you are going to have is getting it off when you go to re coat the fiberglass with the right products


I also think you have nothing to worry about.


Thanks guys, I am trying to get in touch with the builder and find out more about the fiberglass and then call than company to confirm. I guess i can get some sleep now :slight_smile:


Not a problem at all ,I would just go over the coating with a elastomeric coating for roofs ,it will be flexible and last a very long time ,I could see the coating that you applied cracking over a short period of time ,even just with the wind and rain hitting the roof I could see it cracking , I believe the elastomeric roof coating would bond to the coating you put on very very well ,as a matter of fact I know it will bond perfectly. You can also go with a white elastomeric/ cool roof some call it . But nothing to worry about at all.