Drip edge/low pitch roof issue


Hello all,
I got a new roof about a year and a half ago. Everything is great -the roof is sound, ice and water dam applied, drip edge overlaps gutters - except one spot less than a foot wide. The issue is that during heavier/longer rains, water starts dripping down the front and back of the fascia board.

It’s happening on a part of the roof that has a shallow pitch, and where two pieces of drip edge are overlapping. It looks like the pieces were overlapped correctly, and they overlap by a few inches. However, because of the shallow pitch it looks like water curves around the roof edge a little and sits there, allowing water to get in the seam where the two pieces meet, and possible work it’s way behind the gutter and into the fascia.

Is there anything I can do about this? I’ve called the roofing company, who was great with another issue I had after the new roof was put on, but they have been slow to respond. I was thinking of buying some caulk/sealer used for gutters and covering/filling the drip edge seam. Would that do anything?

Thank you for any help you can offer.


Photos would help a lot. It’s possible you may need a rain diverter even those I hate those things. It may just be a poor roof design where too much water is coming into the gutter when there is a hard rain. Perhaps what you need are 6" gutters.


Here is a picture of the problem spot. Water seems to be dripping down the front and back of the fascia right around where the two pieces of drip edge meet. The water comes off the roof and some kind of “sits” in that spot between the shingle and drip edge, making me think the water is working itself into the drip edge seam and behind the gutters. There is never an issue with water overflowing the gutters in this part of the roof.


Fantastic picture oscarbrau!
Yes, you have identified the problem.

i see two imperfections in a row,
Right in front of the other
The first row of shingles and the second.
The second row is not laying flat
Likely because a fastener is not flush.
The first row is because the roofer forgot to crimp the evedrip before he slid it on top of the other piece. Because he didnt crimp it, It now sticks up in the face of the metal and on the roof.
There is Probably no roofing cement or Ice and water shield installed on top of it also.


Thank you for the response, roof_lover! I finally was able to get a response out of my roofer, and sent them pictures. Hopefully they will take care of the issue.

I can confirm that there is ice and water shield between the shingles and drip edge. There is no roofing cement though. Could putting some sealer/gutter caulk in the drip edge seam fix the issue?


I know you see the metal sticking out on the face of the evedrip.
But filling that in wont solve the problem.
The problem is up top.
If you wanted to do a quick non-professional fix
Stick the nozzel of your caulking gun with
Roofing cement in it between the shingles and the metal.
You want the nozzel going all the way in.

The professional way would be to replace that uncrimped piece of evedrip.


Main issue I see is that the shingles don’t overlap the drip edge, in fact they don’t even look flush to the outside of the drip edge. The shingles should overlap the drip edge by 1/2"-3/4".


I agree that its better for shingles to overhang the drip edge but some areas its against code to do so. Cough Florida Cough.