Double Roof on New Home


The home was purchased brand new 10 years ago and the roof just started leaking. Roofer came out today and immediately said there is a double roof, never noticed before. Apparently the new home builder made a mistake and instead of starting over just put another roof on top. House no longer under warranty and apparently this could hurt price of house if it is sold let alone larger expense if there is a bigger problem. Is it time for a lawyer?


2 layers of roofing shingles are typically allowed by code. Some local minimum housing requirements may not allow it. As for the lawyer, what are you going to do? 10 years has gone by


Do you have any pictures? What are the leaking issues? Only worries about the 2 layers is if they didn’t tie into any flashings correctly.


There are 3 vents on roof over the bathroom and none of them were sealed, apparently the second rood had protected from leaking earlier. The second roof was on the house when it was purchase as a brand new home and put there because builder had made an error and instead of starting over just pout another on top to cover problem. Apparently this will decrease home value since when a new roof is eventually needed it will cost a lot more to take off the other two and if there is a major repair needed that will cost more as well from what I have learned.


How does it decrease the value of the home? The appraiser is not going to know that, nor note it.


A builder did this to my sisters expensive home, I told her to make him remove the first roof before installing the 2nd, she didn’t listen.

She told me that the first roof didn’t qualify for the sub-division, the top layer is a 3-tab so I’m having a hard time understanding wtf she was talking about.


Probably color