Dose anyone know the name of the of Shingle?


I came across this shingle twice now and still can find what the name of it is! Dose anyone know what the name and brand is???


A 3-tab shingle with a shadow line!
I kinda like it!
I havent seen it before either


I ran into this roof but honestly I don’t think they still make this.
I did a job of 2 squares same shingles and I could find it anywhere, not even the name of it a guy told GAF makes it n they call it Cedar but that’s all he knew :confused:
i need to know the name?? just in case a ran into it again!


If you had BP shingles down there that would be a BP Yukon SB. 3Tabs with a shadow band. Doubt they’re available in Cali though


Pabco made a shingle with the shadow on the bottom of the tab. Called Timberline. No longer available.


Thanks guys for your help I do appreciate your help its nice to know that I have someone I can ask questions.


It’s a timberland shingle. We use it alot here in the south.


It looks like gaf 3 tab (cedar)