Do you buy roofing leads/referrals?


Hi all - do you buy leads/referrals for your roofing business? I am a digital marketer and can generate leads. I am now wondering if roofers tend to buy leads and how I can go about selling these leads. Any tips are much appreciated. Thanks.


Personally I’d pay a little for appointments. I think every home in Colorado with a roof as far as I can tell is a lead



We used to buy leads for our company New England Metal Roof until we figured out the digital marketing game and improved our SEO with the help of Free Remodeling Platforms like as well as premium tools like the ones mentioned on

The above tools can help a roofing company to reduce its reliance on third party leads and start generating roofing leads in-house,



Depends on the quality and type of lead. Can you provide more detail on the lead information you provide?