Do I need felt paper for small cedar shingle replacement job


My daughter and family have a 10’x10’ gazebo over a hot tub. The shallow hip roof is cedar shingles and has been in place for around 20 years. Time to replace. Only nail boards under the shingles. You can see the bottom of the shingles while sitting in the hot tub. The question is whether I should just replace the shingles or do I need to add some felt paper. They prefer looking at the backside of their shingles to looking at felt paper. Of course, insulation is not a concern (the structure is open). Moderate winters, plenty of rain but not much wind. If it ever leaks, only the hot tub gets wet. I’m inclined to follow their desire and just put new shingles on. Perhaps double shingles on the first course. This will be my first roof so am far from a pro. I would appreciate your thoughts.


Cedar shingles don’t use felt, cedar shakes have 30# felt between each course.


LOL. And I thought they were the same thing. I just did a brief research on the difference and, frankly, I’m not sure what is there now and the terms seem synonymous these days (in fact, I see that many use the term “shake shingles”). I will be using shingles and, based on your answer, do not need to use felt. Good news. Thanks.


Cedar shingle are machine cut and are all the same length, they have no knots or blemishes, they are applied with 3 ply coverage.

Shakes are usually hand split or tapersawn, have a rougher appearance.

Shakes are usually put on at a larger exposure and shakes need a 30# felt interlayment between courses.

These are the main differences.


Do your home work by looking at the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau site: