Dip in the crown of a curved roof...Grrrrr


This section of roof was redone about ten years ago because it all rotted out. There is water getting through the roof again and I can see the issue. It is a curved roof and on one section right at the crown there is a dip. Anyone know the best way to build this up without ripping up a huge section?


The top portion of the roof is way too low of a pitch to have shingles installed on it. I would remove the top few courses on both sides and replace them with a low slope product. The easiest choice would be self adhered modified bitumen. I would first nail down a strip of S.A. Base sheet and then cover it with S.A. Granular cap sheet in a color as close to the shingle color as possible.


Great advice! Thank you!


The materials are proving hard to track down. Once I lay down the strip of base sheet down the middle, how should I incorporate the granular cap sheet into the existing traditional shingles?


Where are you located? Sa should be pretty easy to find at a roofing supply house. Here in pa everybody stocks white and black including home depot, other colors are harder to find. Certainteed colonial slate would be a pretty good match.

I would run the base sheet Down to the exposure line on the shingle you leave in place in the sloped section, then run the cap sheet an inch or 2 past.

This is not the best way to fix it, but a good diy solution that Doesn’t involve ripping it all off and should hold up for a decent amount of time.


Call your roofing supply store.
Not home depot or lowes.
Ask for a roll of charcoal self-adhered cap sheet.
(Not ice and water shield)

That is what you have up there
But it is cut only to about 12 inches wide or so.
You are going to cover it all with a 3 feet wide sheet.
Cut it to length on the ground.
Carry it up.
Lay in place.
Fold it in half length wise.
Peel the plastic off.
Fold it back into its permanent position.
Fold the other side back.
Peel the other side of the plastic off
Fold the side down into its permanent position.

Edit… agree with “Certainteed’s” “colonial slate” if you can find it.


Agree with roof lover. Same product but easier install. Long hot humid day yesterday. The roll comes 39" wide 36" of granular plus 3" smooth salvage edge for lapping, just cut the 3" black strip off.


I’m in Asheville. I found the Certainteed product but only in the black. They want me to order like 20 rolls minimum if I want the colonial slate. I think I’m just going to go with black. Thanks for the advice!


Clean the valley out immediately please.
There is a tree growing in it.
That is your next rotten spot.
It wont be easy to fix.
It wont be “do it yourself”
Not scolding.
Just trying to help your roof reach its life.
You got this!