Decra Roof


Vinyl siding installed on a roof wont leak with the right underlayment either. Not saying it’s a good idea.


Our local Flap Jack Shack has Vinyl siding on it’s extremely steep roof…


Do you know the minimum pitch they spec decra to be installed on? I’ve never used it myself (and don’t have a whole lot of desire to) but I’m skeptical that a properly installed roof (on a decent pitch) would leak under normal circumstances. My biggest concern if I was installing decra is I am not a fan of those water channels they spec everywhere. It just seems like it could clog up with debris.


I do not but by the design I would guess 4/12.


Guessing most roofers on here have already figured out not to use Decra. The color was Fawn Gray, but now is mostly black. My gutters are full of granules.!




That amount of granuals in the gutter doesn’t look excessive, have seen much worse from asphalt shingles. Decra likely uses the same granuals that are used in asphalt shingles which are susceptible to blue green algae after the copper in the granuals wears off, if there was any copper in them to begin with. The roof should be able to be soft cleaned like asphalt shingles to remove the algae.


Time to trim the Forest!!
And remove the gutter at the right side of the door
Or install a proper down spout.
A product called “spray and forget” at lowes/homedepot
Might be able to help you with the staining on the roof.
Just bleach should be able to deal with the front column.