Dealing with roofers when there is no insurance



call roofers in google local listings - those are usually real companies.

don’t mention who’s paying for what - tell them you need a repair.

and WHY do you have a $10000 deductible??? I never heard of such thing … what is the point of having home insurance, if it will pretty much not cover anything except total home destruction

I mean my HO ins is like $700 / yr … how much are u saving/paying with $10K deductible?


We are not nationwide just yet but we have a good roofer in the Troy area if that is close to you. They would be able to help with the repair no problem.


Troy is close enough. Please send me contact details via PM or trash2-at-ntuzov-dot-com


I got an estimate for the replacement of entire roof (almost $7000) from this company, and when I asked if it were possible to replace just the damaged shingles they told me “we don’t place bids for partial repairs because we don’t have manpower for that”. That is, it may very well be that replacing the roof is not necessary but they don’t care one way or the other. I wonder how they got that spoiled given that the hail took place in February. I also wonder whether I should stop calling the so called roofing companies and search for “handymen” instead (please suggest an appropriate search title if you know).


I am located in Edwardsville, Southern Illinois.


How handy are you nick and are you comfortable on the roof? Replacing shingles is quite possible for a diy project. Do not replace a roof for a few shingles, its completely unnecessary.


Do u have the pictures? I would like to see them. Did you call the company for an estimate or did they just show up? Lots of of scams involving hail damage.


I work with customers that pay out of pocket and also work as an insurance negotiator. I agree with the comment above that I have never heard of a $10,000.00 deductible. Some insurances are basing deductibles on a percentage of the home value, usually 1-1.5%. So I suppose it would make sense if you owned a $1,000,000.00 dollar home.

Here’s what roofing companies don’t want to deal with… We don’t want to deal with someone that has received an insurance settlement, that comes up with a bunch of excuses to not do the work as specified by the insurance, and only wants to replace a few shingles, and have the roof warrantied by the roofing company, and the home owner pocket the difference into their bank accounts. It is possible that the roofing companies in your area are sensitive to that and don’t want part of it. Often insurance companies will write in large portions of the claim as PWI (Paid When Incurred). This means they aren’t going to pay you to do the work unless you actually do it. This makes cash settlements much smaller, even $10,000.00 smaller than cost of replacement. This isn’t a deductible, it ensures that insurance companies are paying for replacement instead of people pocketing cash.

If you have had a storm in your area and insurance companies are paying to have full roofs replaced, roofing companies are going to focus on that work because they make more money for their effort. They are in business to make money so will always focus on where they make the most.

If the damage is as slight as you say it is, you should not need to be in a hurry. Most of the time, slight damage like you describe is not going to cause an immediate leak. Give the roofers in your area some time to replace those roofs that were severally damaged by hail and possibly going to leak due to that damage, and after the work load starts to slow down, they may be more interested in your request to replace “7-8 shingles”. It took almost 3 years for that to happen in my area, but the work will slow down unless another storm hits.


I am going to get some pictures for you.



Suppose I could watch some Youtube and learn how to do it, but where would I get the ladder? It is a good question even if I wanted just to take pictures for myself.


I imagine there would have to be a place somewhere in your area to rent a ladder. I am a huge fan of this type of ladder|THD|google|&mid=stpmzaXlo|dc_mtid_0tm59h1qf0_pcrid_99259616675_pkw__pmt__product_207043384_slid_&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5eidpbOR1QIV1xiBCh2uUwE3EAQYAyABEgJRu_D_BwE 22’ would get you on top of most 2 story roofs.


These ladders are amazing! I have several of these by many different manufactures. Light weight, easy to use and last forever. Obviously they are not very expensive. With the money you would save on the repair by doing it your self you could buy a ladder, hammer, flatbar/prybar to remove shingles, nails and a bundle of shingles. May as well grab some solar seal to manually seal the shingles if necessary or if you just feel frisky. In all it would cost you less than $500 and 2 or 3 hours of your time. Then you have the tools, some shingles, and the knowledge for next time.

Still would like to see pics.


It took a while but now I have 9 short videos that you can check out below (you don’t need to have a Dropbox account). I did see a few round spots where the outer grainy layer was damaged, but it’s still unclear how that can amount to $7000-$8000 estimates I got. Please let me know what you think.











Your roof looks fine, better than avg even.


I am attaching the estimates I got from Lakeside Roofing and MetroEast Roofing that amount to $7000-$8000 for the “damage” you can (or rather, can’t) see in the videos.

These two scammers have absolutely nothing to say for themselves. Even a technical loophole “all we do is provide an estimate for the entire roof replacement” doesn’t work here because I never asked for an estimate to replace the whole roof. All I asked for was an estimate of the damage inflicted by hail. If they had a glimmer of integrity they should have said “Your damage is little to none; most likely, you don’t have to repair anything, and even if you decided to do something, that job would be too small for us.”

It’s not just about money. Because of their deceit, I had little choice but to climb the damn roof myself. I know that for many of you it’s nothing, but for me it was scary and I felt like, to a certain extent, I put my health and possibly life on the line. Apparently, these two scammers couldn’t care less about that.