Dealing with roofers when there is no insurance



Could you please give me some advice on how to deal with roofing companies in case I have to pay out of pocket. The house is located in Greater St. Louis area (Southern Illinois), the roof is 3 years old, one layer of asphalt shingles. After a hail storm, I called a roofing company. They performed inspection and showed me some pictures where maybe 5-8 shingles were damaged. They suggested I replace the entire roof. For all I could see, they would replace the entire house if they could, because they assumed the insurer was going to pay for it all.

Because my deductible is high (10K), the insurance company said it didn’t make sense to get the adjuster involved. I explained the situation to the roofing company and asked them to replace just the damaged shingles and powerwash the house. They have been very slow to respond, so I contacted a couple of other contractors, but, again, they are not getting back to me. Is that because I told them upfront that I had to pay out of pocket and I wanted to replace just the damaged shingles? Do you have any tips on how to get the roof fixed in that situation?



Call an actual local roofing company and avoid the storm chasers.


Look for someone who advertises “roof repairs”. And don’t let someone con you into paying to replace an entire 3yr old roof for 5-8 damaged shingles.


Thanks for replying. Would Thumbtack work?


Thumbtack is one source. Avoid Home Advisor. Why don’t you just Google “Roof Repairs “Your City Name””? No need to mention insurance. Just tell whomever you speak with that you’re looking to have 8 damaged shingles to replaced.


Is it true that I can be liable if an uninsured worker is injured on my property?


Absolutely! Thats why workers comp is very important


Well, it’s going to be a problem for some contractors (on Thumbtack), but it looks like I don’t have a choice. Even if I get a leak eventually, I will still be in a better position than having an injured worker take possession of my entire house and then some.


I got in touch with this contractor on Thumbtack who got somewhat testy when I asked for a proof of work ers’ comp coverage first. I did that because the link below scared me quite a bit:

Even if he just wants to perform inspection, he has to get on the roof which makes me liable if something happens to him, right? Anyway, here’s what he said: " I do not work like that. First you give me your adress I will come and look at the job…I have insurance, I can not provide a certificate without a name, address, location etc. The insurance company will want to know who the certificate holders name is to bear in the holders box."

I am not sure whether that “holder’s box” is really an issue and why his providing a proof of worker’s comp coverage should be tied to my name and address. Please let me know if I got something wrong (I’m located in Southern Illinois).


Give him some money and he will send you certificates.

There is no reason to send insurance certificates to everybody that calls for whatever it is they want.

If you hire him tell him you want certificates before he starts if it is that big of a deal to you.

I’ve had the same insurance for over 20 years and I rarely have a need to give homeowners insurance certificates, if they hire me they can certainly have my comp & liability certificates.

If you hire one of us you can have a certificate until then you will be told to pound sand as it should be.

If you are acting all paranoid demanding certificates before contracts are signed you will have a hard time finding anybody that will deal with you.


Some contractors post their license online. I don’t see why they can’t do the same with their workers’ comp insurance information, let alone send it over email to a particular client. Note also that I am demanding insurance not before “the contract is signed” but before the guy actually gets on my roof. Do you mean that if the injury takes place during the initial inspection but before the contract is signed, I am not liable?


What you want is a big red flag that says PITA.

If there were some way to scam people like you are worried about it would be happening all over the place.

I guess you need to consult a Lawyer before to call anymore Roofers.


Yea, id have no problem complying with the COI request, but i do sense that this homeowner is a gonna be a PITA. Fortunately, im in a position now where I dont have to take everyone that calls us.


Actually, I wish more Homeowners were aware of these potential issues and asked these questions. It would do more to chase the illegitimate dirtbags out of the business. And he is correct, he is potentially liable from the time the contractor steps on the property.


In NC it is posted online under the industrial commission


I called a couple of presumably local companies w/o asking them for their workers’ comp insurance. It seems that once they learn that I pay out of pocket they lose interest – nobody called me back. I am not sure what it’s about – they shouldn’t care who pays them. Is there something I should know?


It is not good to get paid out of pocket a person will not get paid


Another gem of wisdom…(insert pic of eye rolling here).


To the original poster. It sounds to me like your area has nothing but “salesmen” advertising as roofers, as they would have no interest in the job (they wouldn’t make any money on something so small). A real roofer should be interested. Where are you located again?


Im the opposite!
I wont work with you unless You are paying out of your own pocket
Or you have already secured funds from the insurance company all on your own.
Oh, and if you are not highly referred by a past customer,
I’m probably not coming your way!
You call me and cant remember who referred you??
Probably not coming.
You mention right off the bat that you are calling multiple companies,
Well, guess what?