Davinci slate


Hi ,I would like to get your honest oponions on this product.Heres the plan:customer is building a mountain retreat (aprox. 5000 ft elevation in Sierras), roof is 25 squares, mostly 10 pitch, but has lower pitched front porch(4/12).Was looking into using Davinci, layed staggered ,over Grace Ice Shield, and vent through the ridge.Have any of you guys installed Davinci?Do you think these products will stand the test of time.BTW, Real slate is not a good option on this due tothere will be foot traffic on roof, snow will accumulate at pitch break(too much weight) and final cost.Thanks-Ray


I like it. The aberdeen patten looks great and goes on nice.


IMO it’s the best looking synthetic slate out atm. Haven’t personally used it yet though.


Thanks guys, what are your oponions/gut feelings about longevity of it.BTW, untill recently I wouldnt even consider these products, due to the past failures of the OC one.BUT, now that the Lamarite and Davinci ,etc have a few years under their belts and I see others(trimline)coming into play, I may give it a try.I just want to make sure the homeowner is getting a quality product.


To be honest I don’t think synthetic slate has been out long enough to know if it will hold up yet or not. Every new innovation has failures as organic shingles proves. I think we have been working with plastics and composites long enough that it shouldn’t take long to find the right cocktail for producing quality synthetic slate.

We did a roof awhile back and it got hit with a large tree branch during a storm. Normally this branch would have wiped out most of the deck with natural slate but it just bounced off the synthetic slate like Kevlar armor.

Keep in mind that the product isn’t really cheaper in the end compared to natural slate. The main reasons it is used is for weight concerns and its long term overall lower maintenance.



you should check out www.cedur.com

Invented to perform in the harsh climate of the west. Looks exactly like a wood shake!!