Darker colored spot on day old roof installation - any advice?


Roof was just completed yesterday. The crew left and when coming home i noticed a spot in middle of roof darker the the rest.
They will be coming out today to finish gutters and I will point it out, but would like to be prepared on what to ask for.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


It’s not uncommon for there to be a color variance in shingles. This occurs in the manufacturing process. There is not much a contractor can do about this. Maybe check left over shingles for a better color match and replace the darker shingles with those. As a contractor I always try to satisfy my customers. This one would frustrate me a bit though, but, I get it. The non-uniform appearance would drive me nuts.


A bundle of shingles that was not made on the same day as the rest of the shingles.
A different "lot #"
Ask them for their most experienced repair person to come and replace those particular shingles.
it takes more experience to repair a roof,
Than it does to replace it.
A roofer not in a hurry and is careful not to damage the surrounding shingles.
Make sure it is in the early part of the morning when the shingles are more easily seperated.

Not the roofers fault.
The roofer should back charge their supplier/
Manufactuer for their labor.

I hate this issue and i have only found one brand that does not have this problem.(certainteed)
All others, you have to check the lot numbers on each package AND I DONT HAVE TIME FOR THAT!!!
No one does!!

I would talk to them about it BEFORE they come
So that they can be prepared with the shingles before hand.
Send them the photo, they will see what they need to prepare.
You want to talk to them immediately so that they can possibly secure a bundle with the same lot #.
Tomorrow may be too late.
It is less than half of a bundle.


HI, I had a new roof installed 7/12/17…this is a picture from the street…this discoloration is all around my house…
…I am speaking with both the roofer and the mfg. I am refusing to pay until I get the professional job that they promised me…I would love for an actual roofing company to respond as to how they would treat their client. Thanks,


The color variations you see are in no way a result of poor workmanship.

What brand shingle is this?


GAF Timberline…The mfg rep and roofing salesperson are supposed to meet with me one day next week to discuss the situation. Would you by chance be a roofing contractor?


GAF Timberline…GAF rep and roofing salesman are supposed to meet with me one day next week to discuss the situation. Are you by chance a roofer?


Axiom is right.
Not a workmanship issue!

Its a manufactuer issue.
Not all bundles had the same lot number.
So were these shingles
Timberline HD (high definition or
Timberline Natural shadow?


Yes, we are all roofers here. As said, your issue is 100% with the manufacturer. Your roofer should not be expected to eat the cost to redo that job.


Manufacturers issue. Pay the roofing contractor!


heres the problem with that…I had a “project manager” on site during the job…he was here when they finished…don’t you think that he should have noticed before he left the job that there was a problem? I was not home when the roof was completed and did not notice till the next day.

don’t you think project mgr/company should have to do the “legwork” and deal with an “out of town manufacturer” rather than me. I’m fairly certain that the mfg (even though I appear to have an iron-clad guarantee/warranty) that they will find a “reason” to not honor this job.

after all, the company purchased direct from mfg…(I am certain that NO ONE checked the lot numbers on the shingles)…the entire situation is very disturbing as a homeowner.

I should not be pushed aside to have to work with mfg. (we all KNOW that mfg warranties are very rarely honored)…usually not worth the paper they are printed on…


The perfect scenario is for you to work together to try to get some satisfaction from the manufacturer. Since you seem dead set on paying in full till it get resolved, here is what I recommend you to do. Pay the roofer the majority of what you owe him (I would say at least 75%), tell him you will pay the rest of what you owe after he assists you with dealing with GAF. Also (here is the part you aren’t gonna like) inform him that you he will be paid extra for this, it doesn’t have to be a lot extra ($300 or so), but the fact that you are willing should go along way with his willingness to help you. After he does his part with helping represent you situation to GAF he deserves to be paid in FULL (don’t forget the extra for his time either)! If you do this and treat him fairly (not act like he is taking advantage of you) I believe he will continue to assist you with your situation (I know I would). I know you feel like you did nothing wrong (and you didn’t), but neither did the roofing company.

P.s. I am sure you are right in saying “I am certain that NO ONE checked the lot numbers on the shingles”, I know this because NO ONE CHECKS ALL THE LOT #s IN REAL LIFE SENARIOS!


Also can you please try to post some other pics. The one you have isn’t very clear for me and I want to see how bad it really is.


since my last post…I have found out that the installer “racked” my architectural roof…they did not align the shingles properly in a staggered fashion and that has lead to the discoloration/color blotches. I took the extra shingles and laid them out properly, according to GAF video, and then laid another section in a racked fashion and the mislaid shingles showed the color discoloration as my roof. This is an INSTALLATION problem. (plus GAF video states that “not aligning the shingles properly is not recommended and can lead to shingle failure”.

My installers installed my roof in an upward fashion…did not go side to side as GAF recommends…I wish I had taken a video but being the homeowner and not a professional, I did not know it was incorrect.


I am just wondering how many roofers with many decades of experience
Need to speak up to you to explain to you that it is not a workmanship issue?
Dozens? Hundreds?

If it was an installation issue,
We would have not hesitated to tell you!
This miss-shaded shingles would have exposed themselves no matter which way you would have installed them.
Up, down, left or right…


That’s not correct. This is most definitely a manufacturer issue. The only other possibility is if a wrong bundle or 2 made its way in to the roof. I would recommend you send samples of both colors to itel in Florida. They can do an analysis and create a report.


There is Three seperate Lot numbers on this roof.
The main bulk is one lot#
And then there is some from a lighter lot#
And at least one bundle from a darker lot #.

But dont listen to us,
You got it all figured out!!


While I can’t see your pic very well as it’s small and my laptop is a bit low res but those mismatched shingles don’t appear to be racked (any of the other roofers here feel free to correct me if I am wrong). It just comes off like you are just fishing for a pro to tell you exactly what you wanna hear (and that is the roofer should replace the whole roof out of his own pocket), perhaps to use as ammo against your roofer. Sorry but the score is 4 against 0 for pros telling you color issues are not the fault of the installer.


And this pic sums up my thoughts when you say you “took the extra shingles and laid them out properly, according to GAF video, and then laid another section in a racked fashion and the mislaid shingles showed the color discoloration as my roof” If I am wrong feel free to prove it to me (and all the others) by posting pics of your racked vs unracked extra shingles when you lay them out.


I’ve never heard of the racking method causing coloration issues. In fact, it’s not possible.

Racking is an actual method used to install shingles. There is nothing wrong with using the racking method unless specified by the manufacturer. If you would like to know if your roof was installed using the racking method better pictures will be required. A close up showing atleast 3 courses will give us a better view and understanding of the method used.

With that all being said. The discoloration is definitely a manufacturer issue. Many contractors/roofers have already explained in great detail why there is a variance in color on your roof. I’m not going to go down that road again. My advice to you is, call the manufacturer or ask the contractor to assist you in correcting the issue.