Chalking a Roof


For the insurance restoration guys…Do you chalk the roof during your initial inspection? When you either knock a door or go to an appointment, before you even file a claim. Why or why not?


Hope this helps. This last roof I did, I didn’t chalk, though there was damage everywhere. If it’s marginal, then I’ll mark some hits.


Then again in Palm Bch the roof is usually RIPPED off and in the driveway from a storm.


If I go out for inspection prior to adjuster, i will chalk roof. It’s just how it’s done. How can I advise HO to file a claim if I don’t. In addition I have found if the adjuster comes out for inspection and sees the correct amount of hits circled already they are more likely to to total the roof. The adjuster can’t argue indisputable evidence looking them in the face. :sunglasses:


I think it depends on what you prefer. Some adjusters take offense if they show up with a roof chalked, they think you’re trying to do their job for them. With some insurance companies and some adjusters, you do need to do their job for them. My recommendation is to not chalk the roof for the more friendly insurance companies and adjusters. Chalk every single damaged shingle if it is Allstate or AmFam (and a few others). If the adjuster doesn’t like it, too bad. Here’s the thing though, make sure what you chalk is really damage and not blistering or bird shit. Have the HO there and coach them to watch to see if the adjuster inspects all the damage. If he doesn’t, gets down and denies the roof, have the HO raise hell. Call in for a second inspection. If it is a known unfriendly insurance company and/or adjuster, you can even ask the HO to video tape the inspection to later prove the adjuster ignored the chalked damage.


Yes. These are exactly my thoughts.

On one hand, it’s a great “selling” tool to get the claim filed with the HO. On the other hand, it could piss an adjuster or two off.


I’ve chalked roofs before but after being completed bitched out by a few adjusters I stopped.

If I’m dealing with a “hard” home owner, I will Chalk a roof and take photos so they can see the damage. It seems to help with getting the claim filed.


To an extent, let them bitch. They’re often confused in thinking they own the house and can give the contractor directions. Tell them the homeowner asked you to chalk the roof so they could be convinced there was enough damage to justify a claim.