Calculating Waste


Go to the New Roof Waste Calculation Sheet thread. The new link is there.


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Why don’t you simply look in the manufacturers installation guide and the best commercial roofer? Insurance isn’t responsible for best practices.[/quote]

I want to know which type of roofing is good for my house??


The kind that doesn’t leak.


I would love to have that Excel sheet with the calculations you percent in your chat.



what about asking insurance for 10% on drip edge?


Could you send a copy of your spreadsheet to



Hi do you mind sending me your excel sheet? We are running in to multiple issues with Allstate in particular giving 6% waste and not separating out ridge and starter.


Go here to get it

Waste Calc Workbook


Holy crap most you guys figure tons of waste!!! I rarely have more that like half square of waste. If the square footage is 2013, I’ll order 21 square. If it is 2063, I’ll order 21.33.


So if you have a 60 square hip with 150 ft of valley and 250 ft of hip you’ll have half a square of waste? And your 20 square roof doesn’t have starter and cap? Most 20 square roofs don’t have much trim scrap because they’re so simple. Who cares about 5% on 20 squares anyway, it amounts to nothing. Try doing some real roofs and then come back and tell me about your 1/2 square crap.


I hope if you sell a 2023sq you don’t only charge for 21sq. It’s about calculating waste not how many shingles you use. If our guys do a 21 sq job and bring back 2 sq that means the estimator did a good job and the crew did a good job…a win win


I would greatly appreciate if you would share the excels sheet with me. Sir i have learned a great deal from your post and replies on this forum. Thanks


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