Brava Tile Roof Installs


I’ve mentioned Brava Tile here a few times. Thought I would share a few pics of jobs we’ve completed this year. Was just updating our business Facebook page with some of these so I thought I’d share a few. Brava has Shake, Slate and Spanish Barrel Tile products. We’ve installed multiple Shake and Slate jobs. This product competes with Da Vinci. If you get your hands on a sample of both and compare them side by side, I think you’d agree Da Vinci doesn’t compare very favorably.

The first one was an insurance job that started as composite cement with asbestos content. Had to hire a certified hazmat mitigation contractor for the demo.

This one was a cash bid from a Customer who had a 10 year old recycled rubber composite product that was falling apart.

This final one is a Brava Shake. Hard to tell the difference from the real thing but sure a lot more fun installing, no split felt… No maintenance needed either.


Looks great I will have to take a look into Brava nobody has been pushing it in our area yet. Everybody pushing divinci and Just don’t see the long term value in it. We have redone 3 large synthetic slate roofs installed by others less that 15 years old in the past few years so very leary about trying anything new. There shake product looks awesome might have to give it a try beings the price of 100% vertical grain is ridiculous anymore.

As far as the " slate" products go, it just baffles me that when you talk to product reps there biggest selling point is “anybody can install there products”. As we all see on here on a daily basis “anybody” doesn’t know how to properly flash a shingle roof let alone a slate or engineered product. When we talk to the reps regarding there " slate" I like to ask why should we not pay an extra 50-100 a square for a good quality slate and see what their response is.

Your jobs look great though will have to do some research on there products.


Thanks for your response. Call Adam at Brava and request some samples. I think you’ll be pleased.

I agree, the install requires a quality crew., Sure, anybody can attempt to install it but many less will do it correctly.