Best way to advertise website?


Consumers find my website 73.1% of the time through Google.

Yahoo may be in the top 5, but much lower down the scale of usage.

But, they still can be utilized to your advantage, as well as MSN/Bing



60% of the time, it works every time.



Where are you looking? According to Marketshare and Alexa, the two are regularly neck and neck. Keep in mind, we are not talking about organic searches. We are talking about PPC and Local searches.


I see a lot of information on here about web design. But the most important thing about a website is does it convert your visitors into paying customers. Your website should be your number 1 marketing tool and if you have a pretty design but don’t know how to use it, it is like having a Ferrari in the garage and not knowing how to drive a stick.

Best ways to market your website in ranked order

  1. paid ads through google adwords. Target what your customers when they are looking to buy
  2. Optimized your site for search.
  3. Get ranked in google maps.
  4. Start using paid services like yelp

I just finished a new blog post on site optimization and converting more leads. You can read it here


Nice work Eric, you do a lot of work marketing roofing companies?


My only focus is helping roofing companies increase their profits and to find more customers. This allows me to specialize my knowledge in the industry. Also, this allows me to better serve roofers and consumers.


I agree with you johne5.Do your best as you can.Make as much trafic in your site,register your site in a high pr also.


I agree with most of what Eric has to say. However, if you’re in a large market, it is unlikely you’ll get to the first page on your own. You’ll need professional help to do a lot of background SEO work that requires expert capabilities. As Eric said , if you’re not on the first page, you may as well be on no page.


Have to agree on this, neverthless you have to be patient if you decide to hire a SEO guy.


We have one and it took about 5 months before we began to see a return on investment. It definitely isn’t going to happen overnight. I thought 5 months was good, I was expecting 9 to 12.


Wow that is really great, but yeah usually they say wait around 3-6 months before seeing results.

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Use google ad clicking coupled with Facebook advertising, I recommend them both, as you can control the budget, demographic and reach and more than often, you get a very healthy traffic to your website but to convert them you must have some thing to entice visitors otherwise you will get visits but no business.


I agree with Sharpadam, AdWords and Facebook work great as a combination. Facebook helps you get to people early in their decision, AdWords hits them when they’re ready to pull the trigger.

The mistake I see a lot of people make though is treating Facebook and AdWords the same way. People are on Google to find services and buy things, Facebook they are there to see their friend’s baby photos. While Facebook is fantastic for targeting wealthy homeowners that are a good fit for your services, you have to approach Facebook users differently because you don’t know whether they really need what you’re offering right now. So you have to draw them in with some sort of low commitment, free value that brands you as the person they can trust.

Developing some sort of informative content, guide or checklist the homeowner can download (in exchange for contact info) is a great strategy. Something like these:

Hope that helps.


Completely agree with you Lane, I couldn’t have put it better!