Best Marketing dollars ever spent!


Looking for some feedback on what gave you the most bang for your buck in advertising dollars. We do some sponsored internet ads and going more towards showing up organically. Done mailouts with almost no success. Just trying to get my salespeople a couple leads a week during the winter and all our marketing contracts are coming up for renewal. I’m planning on shuffling some of my marketing funds in other advertising areas.

Any input would be great.


Tried a few new things this year, as of now this is what works best for us:

We run an emailing campaign aprox once a month for various things. This is done utilizing our existing customer database via the Sage ACT program. This generates a great deal of work by directly marketing to people that are already our customers.

Yard signs. Making sure all your vehicles have company lettering. Making sure all your employees are wearing company shirts with your logo and number. Ninety percent of our business is word of mouth and people that see us working in our area.

I am not in advertising, I am a roofer by trade. I suppose it depends on your particular area and what type of shop you run but I have yet to find any costly advertising that works well. For us it seems to be the “smarter” more creative things that work best. Do good work, be professional and don’t neglect your current data base as a huge resource for leads. The only thing I would say to make a decent investment in is a solid professional looking website.


A lot of the leads from Craigslist are dead end but the cost per lead can’t be beat.


Aside from TV ads, we’ve tried virtually everything (and I do mean everything). Here’s what is most effective for us:

  1. Door hangers
  2. Yard Signs
  3. Previous Customer Referral Incentives
  4. Angie’s List Leads

We have multiple Sales Reps at each location that knock doors continuously as well. Trade shows have paid for themselves and also give you branding and market exposure. Mailings, magazine ads, things of that nature mostly worthless.

All the fancy stuff is fine but nothing replaces good old hard work. Get out and sell. Do high quality work ON SCHEDULE. Communicate flawlessly with your Customers. Follow up conscientiously. Provide great Customer Service. Those things all do more than any advertising you can ever pay for.


a Bandit sign!


Google has free ads or pay per clicks ads you can set this up all yourself and control what you spend with the option of stopping pay per click at anytime, I have found this to bring me some really good lead’s I just landed a 264 flat roof off pay per click.n But do it yourself just google free business listing create your listing and ad works is right there to create your ad


The internet is like the Pennysaver. Tons of contractor. One bandit sign = One contractor in front of them

LI Roof Cleaners


Good stuff Authentic Dad!
I do think giving free estimates to Angie list people could be a problem.
I do know one friend who tells the customers there is going to be a charge of like 35 bucks just to weed out the tire kickers
And then mostly doesn’t Ask for the money upon presentation.

Facebook is awesome! One of the best thing that ever happened to me.
My friends are constantly referring me to their friends and family.
95% of my work is referral, 5% yard signs
I love driving around in my trucks with no lettering…:slight_smile:
Makes me smile every day.
I get to speed, cut people off, drive crazy hahaha
Just kidding… Sort of


Since that post, we’ve undertaken an aggressive SEO, Google ad words and social media campaign. Found a fantastic third party to take care of the SEO and Google ad words part of it. Significant investment in dollars and effort but the payback is well worth it.


Hey glad to hear it Authentic Dad! Always good to hear about good work being done for contractors in digital marketing. It really works so I love to hear the success stories.

Are you doing organic Facebook or utilizing Facebook Ads?


Create A Slogan That People Will Remember and Do A Television Commercial And Use The Slogan…
Run It On The Cable Networks - Cheaper Than Broadcast…