Becoming a supplier? Selling materials?


Hello. ive been thinking about this a long time. iv been thinking about becoming a supplier of materials.

I know I know its a big venture but im getting old and I cant be on these roofs much longer and roofing is all I know.

Anyone on here a supplier for materials? Or maybe even supply your own stock and materials?

I own a piece of land adjacent to the city near my shingle recycler. So land issue isn’t a big deal but im curious to know you guys thoughts/

anyone buy materials in huge bulk or do you just go through one supplier all the time?


A major problem will be getting the GAF, Certainteed, Owen’s Corning to sell to you. They won’t. Malarkey will. Good luck.


Where are you located? Who are the local distributors now?


I tried it many years ago. First, they told me that I must have XXX square footage of warehouse. I said I have more than that. Then they said, “We’re not looking for any more suppliers right now”. :roll:


I looked into it a few months back. The big stopper on my end was paying for truckloads of shingles up front in cash with a 5 TL min… That’s a stack of cash. They told me a healthy markup was about 10%. Big risk for 10%.



Im slowly looking to expand my services. Lots of new construction here and lots of builders.

Just curious if anyone has ever tryed.

Im curious what a bundle of shingles is actually worth?


I wholesale roofing materials. I can get you product by the truck load. No restriction on the size of your business I can help you make money!


We purchase materials in bulk and have for 25+ years. We are a roofing contractor and purchase over for our own use, and run our own fleet of loaders trucks to deliver . It works well for us. Best of luck!