Attic Baffles, Replacement, and Other Things


A leak above out bow window took me to the attic and it raised some questions …

Currently there are cardboard baffles … they are saturated at the moment and bowed down under water weight. This is where my water issue came from as the baffle was dripping its water into an unsealed cavity above the bow window. Step one dry it out, close it in, and seal it.

Step 2 … was looking at if it was time for a baffle replacement. Previous owner blew in additional insulation which may explain the baffles, but am concerned of their ability to hold water … there were many wet spots in baffle areas as I explored the issue … things are really wet at the moment as we are in our next thaw cycle … with probably a freeze shortly thereafter. Didn’t expect them to be holding water.

Question … It was damp in the attic cavity with noticeable water/dampness on rafters, and roof sheathing. Normal?

Curiosity — How much soffit venting is typical. I have full soffit venting on two side of the house … minus the bow window area which extends into the soffit area. So that is approx 18" x 40’ on each side.

And so ends my exploration today.
Thanks in advance,


Sounds like you have a condensation issue which is likely due to poor ventilation. Sounds like you have proper soffit venting but if the baffles were collapsed, the soffit were essentially useless.

Not sure about your comment “but concerned about your ability to hold water”. Baffles aren’t designed to hold water. They’re designed to provide a path for air to flow from the soffit vents through the insulation.

Try replacing the cardboard baffles with a quality product and likely, add more of them. Do you have adequate ventilation on your roof?


Agreed baffles shouldn’t hold water … but the one I took down and the ones next to it were like wet cardboard … easy to pull off with a tug and damp/wet to the touch.

Yes, condensation issue … that was where I was going yesterday after seeing the attic.
When the roof was redone, they swapped basic vents (3) for a turbine vent (1).
Should have wondered before but hindsight is 20/20 … will it move enough air for the space.
I am guessing not, by what I see … the size would be 40’ x 25’ rectangle approx and based on GAF calculator means I am short one turbine. Sigh … guess i should have checked the attic more or educated myself more when it was being done. Been like that a couple years now I am guessing.

Is a turbine easiest to retrofit into a finished roof, or are there other options? Thoughts?


Turbine vents are notorious for letting snow in during the winter months.


I personally think Turbine vents are useless. If you have a gable roof, you may want to switch to shingle over ridge vent. Axiom is correct, as usual, the turbine vents can let snow in.


Maximum ventilators 301 will vent up to 1200 square feet of attic space. they have adaptors that can fit into your turbine base for easy swap. Otherwise you could have a roofer replace the whole thing. That is assuming the turbine is located in the middle of the roof.