Are these shingles installed correctly?


Hello everyone. I’m in escrow and my inspection report indicates that the shingles may not be installed correctly. He noted they are not overlapping. What do you guys think? The roof is 13 years old and no evidence of prior leaks in the attic at all. Thanks everyone


Looks like Grand Manor. I think he is saying the butt joints are close. Unless there is something in the photo I’m not seeing, it looks like a different way to rack, than the stairstep method. I’ve seen both. Doesnt bother me. One allows me to sit in one spot and applymore shingles without a blind nail.


Those are installed properly. Very high quality shingles as well.


They are installed correctly, those are the rain slots.


Is that how you are supposed to install grand manor? I’ve never installed personally, nor have I see one installed.


You aren’t meant to “overlap” shingles. Lots of home inspectors don’t have a clue about roofing…
Some may grumble that they are “racked” (I don’t know if spec allows for grand manors to be racked or not) but I see no red flags.


I agree, especially with what IR said. The vast majority of these Home Inspectors are 100% clueless when it comes to roofs. That’s being kind. I’ve seen several that said a roof less than 2 years old was worn out and needed replaced. You had 4 of the best here say they’re okay, believe them.


Grand manor spec Allows them to be racked. If you don’t rack and use vertical lines to start they look horrible.

Home inspectors have no clue what they are looking at. You have one of the best, if not the best imo asphault shingle on the market on your roof. Plenty of life left.


Thank you everyone for your answers, super appreciated because I was able to save both time and money!