Are these different ridge shingles?


We recently had our roof replaced due to hail. As I was pulling in my garage a few weeks back this struck me. We paid for Owens Corning storm cloud and I know OC only has 1 ridge shingle for that color scheme even though you can use the grey. Regardless… the grey is one solid color. It appears to me that the OC storm cloud was used 1/3 of the way up from the gutter then justblain grey the remainder. Anyone else see this?


Looks like they didnt shuffle the deck. Sometimes when you get a specialty color the hip and ridge shingles can go from lighter to darker in 1 or different bundles. I always have my guys open all the cap needed and seperate/cut them then combine them all together. Its not a defect or roofer error, just an oversight. If you have issues with it then call your installer and have him show you proof of purchase as well as the product on the roof


I think its all the same color caps just possible that it’s a shading issue between bundles (its rare but can happen sometimes). To me it looks very minimal (but it may just be how the pic looks on my phone).