Are roof mounted gutter brackets a leak waiting to happen?


New member here. I have a question about the gutter mounting brackets on a clients home. They are metal brackets that are not fastened to the fascia. Instead the wrap around the bottom of the gutter and they extend about 6 inches onto the roof. This extention is then fastened to the roof with a nail that penetrates the asphalt roofing.

I did asphalt roofing for a few years when i was a teenager and i remember that the one rule you never violated was that exposed nail heads are not acceptable.

Are these gutter brackets a roof leak waiting to happen ?


Yes. How did you become a former roofer? Win the lotto?


Ideally those brackets get installed before the shingles are installed so the nails end up under the shingles. While defiantly not ideal i don’t think it requires anything major done about it. Next time it gets reroofed the shingles can go over the brackets. As for now I just recommend using a good quality caulk over the nail heads and to check once a year or so.


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Many thanks for your answer. These brackets are not meant to go under the singles and you couldnt do it that way if you wanted to. They are far too thick. If you were to shingle on top of them the shingle would not lie flat. Ive seen the ones your talking about. The part that goes under the shingle is as skinny as plumbers strapping.


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Thin strap under the shingles. Nothing looks worse than gutter straps on top of shingles.