Are my expectations too high?


This Spring we had our roof done in Canada. I asked the contractor to follow the specs on the shingle package, he said no problem. Roof installed, excess of 200 nails 1/4" off roof deck ( he said their guns were causing problems), nails through the shingles, overlapping shingles, no underlayment over 1/2 the roof, on and on. They ended up tearing it, replacing materials and hubby and I did it.

We have a place in WI , ended up with hail damage so … I looked for a contractor GAF certified, good reviews, claim to have superior standards. Job done, no drip edge?, ice and water doesn’t even cover the osb completely, felt paper not removed completely ( no biggie in areas where ice & water is not), they didn’t even replace the step flashing or dormer flashing although they were paid for it, I am seeing areas today where they have a cut piece against a manufactured edge, these pieces are overlapping instead of butting, nails through the lower part of the step flashing, the starters are not installed as per manufacturer specs, not enough nails on roof edges , i seen nails overdriven, etc. etc.

So … what difference does it make to find a certified contractor?

The roof is 47 square. The contractor was paid just over $20,000 to do the job … was that a fair price for a reasonable job?

Am I expecting too much?

All I wanted was a roof installed to shingle package specs.

Not sure what my rights are but I am frustrated that I hired a GAF certified contractor and the job is still not done right.


No your expectations aren’t too high, unfortunately what you describe is rather prevalent in the industry.

Factory certifications for residential roofing are nothing more than marketing gimmicks, like a license it is no guarantee that a company is competent or ethical.


Manufacturer certification to become a grand exalted wizard contractor for what ever brand is a joke. Literally a laughing matter for most manufacturers reps. It’s something dreamed up by their marketing people that usually have not even seen the shingle they represent. People, take the time time to research the contractor you call! Does he have an actual place of business? How long have the been incorporated under their current name (roofers go in and out of biz and just change names). Does the company have references for customers in the past, like several years past that would show issues over time?.
The problem on our business is that it takes no investment in money, or education to be in it. I can literally start a roofing company for less than a grand in about an hour, and be roofing your house by the end of the day in most states. Certifications, state licenses, or having a real cool truck mean nothing about the quality of the company you are doing business with. Time in business, and financial soundness is all that will matter if shit hits the fan! Just my humble opinion


I think you and I are living the exact same life. I did not get a company that was OC certified as I knew that they usually just send a salesman out. Unfortunately Texas does not require roofers to have a license. But I do have some benefits as I modified our contract to be in our favor and the roofer signed a lien release prior to start work. I have been dealing with this since August and I am tired of if and just want it correct. I found the Owner on a drunk FB rant calling his wife all kinds of names and then apologizing so obviously they have issues going on. I chose them because they are local and have been here for a long time. But they hired sub apparently, and the rep has never has his ass p on my roof. So irritating. I feel your pain, and pray yours gets worked out.


I think to become gaf certified is a 3 day course I heard, i could be wrong though.


When you do the 3 day one, do you get 3 shirts and hats or only 1? Do all 3 days include lunch? Only if they taught some common sence…might be bennifical to some people.


It doesn’t matter that much because 1/2 of the guys that go to the training quit in a few months anyway.


Let me guess. They ate your deductible?