Any companies who can sub-contract for supplements?


Newbie to the roofing business here. I’m interested in completing my first supplement. The adjuster’s estimate seems very low and I would like to see what more I can receive approval for. A tree went through the roof in three places and destroyed a good portion of the decking and damaged a section of HVAC duct work. Are there any companies who will sub-contract to submit a supplement?

This is new to me and I’d like to see how this process works from someone who is experienced with supplements.


There are a lot of supplementing companies. Pursuing insurance claims is a skill and some are better than others. Shoot me a message to discuss further I can point you in the right direction.


There are a number of companies that provide a complete estimating and supplementing service. 3% of the claim is a rather customary charge.

First though, you need to understand the estimating and supplementing starts with you. It starts with your inspection, roof graphs and damage photos. Don’t expect something magical if you don’t provide the estimating/supplementing company with all the things they need to do their job properly. I’ve tried helping people out a few times and it is my experience they hand you a bucket of chicken shit and expect you to make chicken salad out of it. Ain’t going to happen.