Am I crazy, or is this roof repair unacceptable?


Recently had an issue with a leak. All 3 quotes pointed out the same problem areas and all three came in between $1300-$1800 to fix. Problem areas were corners of the dormers, where it appeared the flashing might have been pulling up. Along with the quotes, they would check the whole roof and secure any shingles coming up, etc. Seemed pretty basic. Hired a licensed, insured and bonded guy to do the job. In addition to the dormers, the found a series of nail holes running up the roof where it appeared whatever they had filled the holes with failed.

Long story short, he did the job and I’m now horrified by how it looks. It appears he simply slapped tar all over our architectural shingles and flashing. Is this acceptable as a repair job? How could I possibly sell my house like this without replacing the shingles he slapped tar all over? He’s trying to claim that this is the proper way, and that he’ll come out and paint the tar to match the roof. I think that sounds crazy and is just covering a bad job instead of fixing it. I want to make sure I’m not crazy. Isn’t the proper way to lift the shingles and use roofing cement to plug the nail holes and reseal the shingle down? And what in the world did he do to my flashing?

Picture below. You can see the black covering the flashing/shingles in front of the dormer and the black spots covering the nail holes running up the roof.

Homeowner seeking help here.
Thanks for any advice.


LOL, No.

How much did he charge you for that?


Wait a minute, did you photoshop the Tar darker just for us???
If so, That is hilarious!

That is something i might do for FREE.
I might do a repair like that for free because i believe the customer Will use me for their future roof replacement.
I wouldnt charge anything for that.
No way i could warranty it…


To fix that roof
The only way to give a price and any warranty at all would be to replace all shingles surrounding the dormer plus the entire low slope roof on top!!!
Even then he is taking a huge risk because of the window, siding , no overhang.
What a mess!


And my price would be significant because of the unknown flashing technique, the unknown siding installation quality, No overhang and the window…
You could do everything perfect on the roofing surfaces and it could easily still leak.


$1,300 with a 3 year warranty. But at this point, I couldn’t care less about the warranty. I want my money back to hire someone to do it right, but want to make sure I’m correct that what he did in no way qualifies as an acceptable job.
He wants to come out and paint the tar to match the shingles. That sounds crazy to me.
I’m no roofer, but I get the feeling I got ripped off.


The proper way to do that would have involved replacing shingles, which would likely not match perfectly either. But yeah, for that price you got ripped off. Like Rooflover said, that’s the type of quick fix I’d do for free or maybe $100 just to hold someone over till I get around to replacing their roof.


That’s a $200 quickie patch not a $1300 repair. A repair he would have replaced the damaged shingles and the improper flashing…


I wouldnt even charge them 100 or 2
Because then if it still leaks, the homeowner might feel like you need to fix it for free and possibly even the interior work because they did pay you.
I just happily accept whatever they might donate.
Its usually just enough to pay for gas and maybe a cheap lunch but that is fine with me.
Because if i warranty something, it’s going to cost!
And furthermore, i want the customer always feeling like they owe me without saying it.
Over deliver! Over deliver!
Its a winning strategy i assure you!
They realize that i am being very generous with them and saving them hundreds, possibly into 4 fiqures.
They do remember this and
then wont quibble over the eventual full replacement cost and still tell all their family, neighbors and friends.


total half ass job this is why roofers get bad name would you refer him to anyone no he made a couple bucks all his problems all solved


That is a total hack job. I can’t imagine you would find any reputable or competent roofer that would endorse that work. Horrible.


IMO he ruined it, it’s still fixable though but it’s worse than when he started and now it’s going to cost more to fix it.


Yes replacing the shingles would have been the correct way to execute the task and then if he would have charged you this exorbitant amount then it would have been justified, doing a hurried, patch job is completely unjustified. May I know where you are based?


I’m in Chicago, western suburbs.
Having a convo with the guy today. Asking for my money back, knowing it’s going to cost me that and more to fix what he’s done. Hopefully, he’ll simply write a check. But I’m guessing he’s not just going to willingly do that. I do have his state license number. Not sure if filling a complaint against him will actually do anything thought.


Honestly it is going to be difficult hugely depending upon the person he is. If he cares about keeping a good reputation in the market then he would definitely discuss with you and try to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution. I do not know what are the laws in Chicago regarding, but the option is worth exploring. You can also review him on google and yelp.


What is the issue with no overhang and window? I am a homeowner with home that also has a similarly constructed dormer, and was wondering if you could explain about these two issues.


Please file a complaint. Roofing needs accountability so these morons will get some training. It is 50 50 the next guy does same. Unfortunately. every other day this and most every other roofer is replacing or installing roofs. They only become leak repair men after a rain. I work with several goid contractactors and they all suk at actually finding leaks. I do better with guys who know nothing about roof installation training them as a service tech, get them involved on every project at some level so they get visuals of everything and put them on maintenace duty for a few years. But most importantly 100% of the rains they are outside if not on a roof. I would keep calling people until you find the guy who looks at each component (siding, windows,flat roof,flashings, etc) and can tell you what is wrong or right with each. Otherwise you may end up calling a shingle roofer, flat roofer, Window guy, siding guy, and maybe even sheet metal man. By the time each wears you out on their “warranty” you have a sick home with mold and rot everywhere. I see this weekly. If you can safely access the area take a video I will have a look at it. I run 7 service techs who investigate and diagnose leaks everyday. I can’t give them my 30 years experience and have gotten pretty good at being able to tell them what to fix just from phone videos and pictures. You can email darrylfeatherston@ it’s because of this crap that I’m embarrassed to tell people what I do.


You can write reports with Angie’s List and Google Business. Those are both painful for any Contractor who is concerned about their advertising and online reputation. You can file a complaint with the BBB. You can also file a complaint with the IL Roofing Licensure Board. And you can always file a complaint with the States Attorney General. I would ask the guy if he would prefer to write a check or have me proceed with filing reports and complaints with the entities I just mentioned. No need to argue. If he’s stupid enough to walk away and push you into doing that, he’s too stupid to be in the business.


Whoever did this, surely isn’t right in the head. As Authentic_Dad said it, have him re-do the work and correctly this time, or simply file a complaint.


Forget having the guy “re-do the work” as choicesolutions has said. I wouldn’t let this guy anywhere near my roof again. As an insurance adjuster, if you have a leak on the inside at this point, we would be coming after this guy for the repair bill because he definitely did not do the job correctly. And to make things worse, he has probably made the value of the house go down if you were to try to sell it because now it is obvious to everyone that you have a roof problem.