Advice to laborer


I recently applied to a laborer position and was hired. When I applied I did not know it was on a roofing crew as I have little experience in the field and do not do well with heights (garage sure, 2 story house no). I was assured by the hiring manager that they have had laborers employed before that do not get on the roofs and only work the ground and that as long as I am a hard worker they can use me. I am concerned about how useful/valuable I will be. My question is, what can I possibly do from the ground all day that will prove me a hard worker and make me a valuable team member? I understand obviously there will some basic stuff like loading/unloading and cleanup upon completion but I am not sure what else I am going to do. I need this job and take pride in being a good worker so I am seeking info/advice. Thanks.


There are many things you could do. Loading and unloading of equipment. Picking up, raking, using blower for debris and trash from old roof removal. Magnet nails from the yard or drive ect… spreading tarps over landscaping. If you can get to the top of ladder with shingles or other materials needed that’s a big plus. Handing up sheathing. Handing up and separating metal panels. Learn to handle metal properly so as not to scratch or bend it. The list goes on. Hope that helps ya out a bit.


I personally do not agree with having laborers who do nothing but clean up the ground and pass tools. I know lots of companies have them though. I just feel that if you make that much of a mess that you need specific people to clean it up then you are doing something wrong.

To the original poster I wish you the best but I’d advise you to just work this job till you can find something you are more suited for.