ABC Supply Roof Loads


Quick question looking for opinions / point of views:

What happens if ABC Supply rood loads a house and they do not distribute weight properly or theres something wrong with the structure and the roof collapses? Is my liability insurance going to pay or ABC should be responsible? I am just saying ABC to put a name to the materials supply.

I want to learn from y’alls experiences.

Thank you.


Most of the liability goes to you. Some of it may offset by the distributor if they do not spread the material on the roof correctly, but in the end it’s mostly your problem. If there is a problem with the structure, you probably should not be installing a new roof…especially if it is an overlay.


I believe ABC requires a representative from your company to sign a document that waives them from any responsibility for property damages due to their delivery. Regardless, you are the one ordering the rooftop delivery and I would think you would want to be there to help unload the materials to make sure it is loaded properly. You can also rest assured they have more Attorneys than you could ever afford. Bottom line, if you have concerns, don’t do the rooftop delivery.