A little Soffit help


I just purchased a house that is missing some aluminum soffit panels. The local big box stores do not carry the type of panel that is on the house. It is a vented 3-panel 16 inch aluminum soffit. Each panel is about 5 inches. Does anyone know where I can purchase it? I need about 20 feet.


Your local roofing & siding supplier will have that, probably in stock.


Thanks for your response Axiom. My local suppliers only carry 12 inch soffit. The only 16 inch 3 panel vented soffit I have found is sold by Kaycan. The panel width is correct but each 5 inch panel has a small ridge through the center.


Replace all the panels on that side so it matches, how bad could it be?

Siding stuff and especially vinyl siding stuff pretty inexpensive.

Check the local lumber yards first, they carry oddball stuff sometimes.


After searching the web and, per Axiom’s suggestion, calling all the roofing & siding suppliers in Florida that I could find I went with Axiom’s second suggestion. I took a section of soffit from the rear of the property and repaired the front. I purchased similar (but different) soffit and filled in the rear. Looks good as long as you don’t get to close.

Thanks for your help.