6 Story Hotel. Need advice


Hey everyone! This is my first post and my first total roof replacement on a commercial building that is 6 stories tall. I’m looking for any advice on type of crane or any other advice that may be applicable.

I’ve got the measurements, the materials, and an experienced crew. Now I’m just looking at how to properly execute the operations.

I have much experience with shingles, apartments, houses, metal, etc. Just not much with a 6 story structure. Here are some details… It is a 6 story hotel that was damaged by Hurricane in Texas. It is TPO and is severely leaking.

Thanks inn advance!


Go into the biggest roofing material supplier in town and talk to them. Someone there will help you with your rooftop delivery or know their local crane service that is experienced in this.
They can also help you with the trash chute issue.
You definitely need to know these additional cost before offering the proposal.

Really looking forward to anyone elses advice
About this.


Right there with roof lover talk to big supplier about roof top delivery. Find a good scaffold company to setup tower and chute. It’s about a good setup, and charging for it, and the job goes easy.


A call to your insurance agent ahead of time to make sure you are fully covered for acommercial job of that size is also a good idea.


Thank you for the response! I’ve called a couple suppliers down there and have some pretty good traction now.

I would also like to get familiar in handling city codes in Corpus Christi for a high-rise structure as well as working with the Windstorm Inspection Process.