3-Tab Caps on Arch Shingles: Getting them to Lay Flat


If I use the proper nail positions on 3-tab caps, I will get terrible bedding: With arch shingles you can get a 3-ply step down along a ridge and the cap nail can be on either side of that step. The result is cap tails that don’t lay down or is so low, the next shingle won’t seal on it due to the gap.

I’m thinking 3-tabs are just a bad idea…


The same issue still happens with dedicated hip and ridge shingles.
It especially happens on a thick grade architect shingle.
How i handle it is i remove the double laminate from the field shingle where i see it will lift up( not be a flat surface) for the cap shingle.

And then i also re/arrange the nail pattern also.
If you 4 nail instead of 2 nail in these particular areas, you can feel pretty confidant of no problems.


Thanks, I was afraid each cap would have to be “fitted.”

I forgot to mention this is even more of a problem on HIP caps where there is an additional step between courses. (Ridges aren’t so bad since the most you can have is a 1-ply step.)


Trick with hip and ridge espically this time of year is take your time. Wait until the sun comes up, open the bundle and spread them out black side up to warm them up. Hold both sides and work them back and forth in an arc to get some curve bent into them rather than just bending them over the ridge. If you can put the bundle in inside overnight. Key is not to rush and you can get a good job.

Sure some guys will think I am crazy but had big grand manor job last year and took all the hips home and left them in my living room, then put in the truck as I needed then. 30 boxes at 62$ for 10’ I made sure they were dam good and pliable before installing.


I’m also thinking DO NOT taper cut the 3-tabs - use the full width which will support the nail more and produce less “ripple.”